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Here is my neighbors dog. I hated that dog. I never wanted him killed though and like this is crazy. I was scared of him more less. He never liked me either I don’t think. If I ever saw him loose I made a V line to my house and called my neighbor ASAP. He had never done anything to me directly though besides look at me meanly.

Well, someone was in my backyard. Who we don’t know, but they were strong enough to seriously wound this big dog in a single blow.

Lex was being taken from his kennel to in the house for the night. (He slept in the house at night.) He ran up onto my property instead of going directly to the house like he normally did. He knew someone was there. My neighbor heard the hit, but didn’t think much of it. She was worried about my goats because Lex would have chased them too if they were out. We don’t think he made it as far as the barn though. He wasn’t out for more than 5 minutes and his owners were half watching him. They rushed him to the emergency clinic and decided he had blunt force trama to his head, it actually fractured his skull. He was still alive, but the vet said no chance of being completely normal again and a $3000 vet bill to have a surgery to repair his skull with a slim chance he would be semi-normal. He was put to sleep.

He had a burial today a little before 2 o’clock over beside my bus.

Who would have done this? Why would they have done this? Why were they there to begin with? The police were around all day interviewing all our neighbors and stuff. I don’t think this person will be caught though and that is the scary part for me. I just want to know who it was and why they were there. If they have any reason what so ever it would be no issue to me, not that I wanted a dog killed.

I am going to get better locks for my doors. I guess you think you are safe because you live in rural area with only slight crime rate. Crime does happen anywhere I know…. I guess I sort of duck my head in the sand though thinking it more likely won’t happen here. Well, there are a whole bunch of us here in my little tiny area with our heads clearly out of the sand now.

I am going to bed…Night.