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I signed on to do 30 deeds in 30 days from the problem girl.  She doesn’t seem all that problematic for starting a program like this does she?  I am going to participate this month of April also because I turn 30 this month. 

I am a little bit behind on my deeds as I don’t think I did any yesterday unless the deeds of Kyra being in the podiatrist office kissing all those old ladies counts.  LOL…  The smiles were everywhere in there.  We had pictures of grand kids and great grandkids out wallets and everything.

You can problem girls link and logo for this program at the bottom of all of my pages.  I will start reporting on my good deeds though, I admit most of my deeds I do are for kids on the school bus and are going to be things I generally do anyways.  It is after all the little things that count right?