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So yesterday was great, except Kyra has a slight fever again.  What is going on this year?  Adam says February is always the bad month.  I guess we should be okay though with only a day left. 

Kyra ended up being up all last night.  I am feeling bad for Adam again today.  She doesn’t want to be with me, so he was with her the majority of the time.  I got up at 3 and took over though, so hopefully his 4 or 5 hours of sleep did him good.  Luckily, he did go to bed early.

That is why the I to busy post last night.  I was going to post, but than Kyra woke up and I just hit the send button.

She does look so cute putting her hands in her pockets though.  She was than playing peek-a-boo behind the treadmill.  We were outside, that is the third picture.  The last one is the icicles on the rain gutters.  I just thought it was pretty.

Today is going crazy.  I am now getting my work done, Kyra is finally sleeping and well…Tom is too. (Ha ha…I took pictures, LOL)  It is funny because they are breathing in unison and I can hear them both…I am a room away from either.  Kyra in bedroom, Tom in living room.  LOL….

Anyways, thank goodness Kyra is sleeping.  I hope she sleeps right through til I leave and than some.  See ya…back to work for me.