Select Page, I don’t have any cavities. Woo Hoo.

I got an interview coming with the other possible job. Woo Hoo… that means I passed all there computer tests. I still have to take a personality test, which who knows if I pass that or not. I have done personality tests in the past though and I have a unique personality. (Search for Personality above for a complete break down, LOL…) My personality basically is boiled down to I like learning. That is basically it. That is what keeps me going everyday. The idea of something new to learn.

I drove my routes like normal today. The skirt lady wore a different skirt today. Woo Hoo…it was a white skirt with a light grey floral pattern on it. I will see how long she wears this one.

Here is a picture of Kyra this morning before we left for the dentist. We just got out of the shower. She looks really different with wet hair.

Well, that is all now. I am waiting on the contractor that is going to do my kitchen and then go do a small job at Sears and Walmart. I will than just go straight to bed. See ya….