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Last night after I did my post for the day, I went out designated driving.  I do that a lot of the weekends.  I sometimes take up to 20 or 30 people home from the bar in an RV.  It is sort of comical when we do that. 

Anyways, I went to the legion to pick them up, I went about 30 minutes early.  I figured I would have a Pepsi and chit chat with my drunk friends.  LOL…

Well, one person there hadn’t drank. (That has never happened before for this person, I don’t think.  LOL)  She wanted to go home, so she and some of the ladies left.  I stayed only had one person to drive home, she asked me if we could stop at this other bar.  The “college” bar.

I had never been in this one, so I guess I was game.  You know whatever…. I have to tell you that was the oldest I have felt in my life walking in this bar.  I knew all the music and everything, but when did barely 21 become so young?  I am only 29.  LOL…

They were all grinding and dancing crazy.  I did all that a tiny bit in the Army, but never anything like this.  I was looking at there shoes though, why…who knows.  There were so many giant 8 inch heals in this place.  How could they walk?  It was very interesting though and even guys were dancing with each other and girls and girls.  It was very enlightening. 

Anyways, we got home at 1 or so from this.  It was quite a night, so I had to talk about it.