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Well, easily Saturday is my favorite day of the week now that I work all week.  It is my time to relax and just be with Kyra.  Today was no exceptional Saturday.  We had a good day though.

I felt bad for Deuce today, I wasn’t real nice to him after he chewed my shoe.  So I have a guilty conscience.  Today we had to go buy some more pizza crust mix because Gage and Hannah were possibly coming to make pizzas with us.  It wasn’t to hot out and stuff, so we loaded Deuce in the car and off we went.

We went to Walmart got out stuff.  It was pretty good…I got in an out of Walmart with less than $10 spent.  Amazing huh??

Deuce is pretty good in the car, he gets nervous though.  I just think he has a lot of nervous tendencies… he loves going though. 

We took him to the park and went on the long walk.  We took the short lease and the long lease, so both Kyra and I walked him around the trail.  He did really well.  He is out asleep on his chair already tonight, so he must be tired.

Kyra did good.  She is such an amazing kid.  She loves walking Deuce.  Every person that walked by us, she told them she has one dog and his name is Deuce.  I think everyone that heard her got a big smile.  A couple told her about there dogs which was kind of cool.

We came home and cooked vegetables, more of the potatoes from the garden.  Oh, they are so good….  Kyra just had a hot dog for super with the vegetables.  It was a good night.  We drew, painted, read stories, jumped on bed, played blocks, played in sand outside.  We cleaned the porch off.  I ran the vacuum, but you can’t tell.  She is laying on the bed watching Sesame Street right now, occasionally she will say “Hey Mom, I want to do that”.  I say “OK” and that is that.  We have lots of things to do though.

Hannah and Gage put off the pizza until tomorrow…I think they are a bit nervous with Deuce.  I hope they will get over it though as he sleeps in with Kyra and me.  I think they would have fun here and it would give there parents a night out.  Parents need nights out…..I know I do.  It helps put into perspective the times I have with Kyra and keeps me grounded even though that seems opposite of what you would think.  That night off and that night of missing Kyra keeps me from getting complacent or whatever that word is.  I appreciate my time having her more I think.

Anyways, today was a great day.  We had a lot of fun.  Tomorrow is looking to be a really fun day too….maybe we will clean some more.  However, laundry is all done here.  Good Night…