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Deuce is the name of our new dog.  When we asked Kyra what we should name him she said “Two”.  She can also pronounce “Deuce”, so it works for me.  He didn’t know his previous name, so he will learn this one.

Today was pretty boring actually, as I didn’t go anywhere extra.  I just was home.  I am pretty tired because I couldn’t sleep last night and ended getting out of bed at 5 and taking my shower that is usually reserved as a rush one at 6. 

The sleep system face mask man came and Stan told him about his machine sucking which made me laugh sort of, both Stan and the representative man were sort of rude this time.  He left quick though.

I didn’t take any photos today.  It was a strange day all around.  Anyways..I am going to bed early tonight.  Night…