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20071004_01312p Today was rather dull, but still fun.  We played the majority of the day which to me is the best way to spend a day anyways.  Running around pretending to be horses is pretty fun if you haven’t tried it, you should. 

My morning routes went pretty good.  I think I have to start getting up earlier though as I almost left late and felt rushed as I left the driveway even though I was exactly to the minute of on time.  I usually would sit a minute in the bus before I left, walking a dog though takes a few more minutes off my morning.

20071004_00311a My morning routes were great though and so were my afternoon ones really.  The student from the previous post, I had to take him back of course.  I called Stan though and had him meet me at the corner, so we went to Walmart with the bus from the school after we took him back.  It isn’t out of the way.

Stan left the Deuce in the house.  He must have jumped on the door handle because he wasn’t to be found in the hous when we got home.  It would be a crazy note to have to call the shelter 2 days after getting him to report him missing….oh my heart was racing. 

He comes pretty good though when you whistle, which I did just outside the door and running he came all happy.  Heart attack over.  I guess we have to close both doors when we leave.

I am off to bed.  Good Night.