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I got Deuce from the shelter.  Deuce was owned by someone else before me and was about a year old when I got him.  This other person worked with him and he is very good with us in a lot of ways.  He is a great dog basically and loves Kyra to pieces. 

He can not be left alone though.  I hate putting him outside in the rain even though he has a house and would be fine.  I also hate putting him in his giant crate for the day.  I want to just let him have free roam of the house…so he isn’t cooped up all day.  He is fine outside when it is nice or in summer, but for the winter and for bad weather days.  I want to keep him in house.

That said I keep giving him chances with my things.  Today was one of those days, so I get home to my living room have all sorts of junk scattered all around including a wicker basket shredded…not even sure where that came from yet.  My shoes though what is up with dogs and shoes?  He only really tore up 1 shoe this time…he has gotten at least 20 pair since I have had him.  When I first got him he went mad on my shoes one day…so now my shoes are put away in this shoe thing, so he can’t get them.  I put a blanket over the shoe thing this morning as extra caution.

I closed all the room doors, so he only has access to the living room kitchen area.

He took 8 shoes out of the shoe rack though…mind you only actually chewing one individual shoe.  He took them out though and had them all over my living room.

This much be why the previous owners got rid of him.  I mean…why shoes and why chew things?  When I even give him bones he is more than welcome to chew.  He chooses to chew my things.

I scream and get mad because I am mad and he acts like he gets it, but does he really?? 

What do I do?  How do I stop this madness.  He doesn’t do it while I am here of course.