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20070614_01304a Today was fun, I slept in all the way until Adam left. Yeah wow, that is what I thought too. I have really been short on sleep with that headache that had me down. It was one of my longest in a long time lasting over 24 hours and over a dozen Advil. We went to diabetic training than this afternoon, it seemed to come so quick. We are signed up for an 8 week course as well starting next month. I should learn quite a lot, I think. Medicare will pay for the course which to me is great. I can learn all this stuff and ultimately probably eat better myself.

After the training we ate at Taco Bell. We came home, forgot Stan’s medicine again. Well, Adam forgot it yesterday and then I forgot it today. So we knew we had another trip to town tonight as he is out as of morning. We went after supper and got all that.

Stan’s hip is getting worse, he really had troubles walking today and I didn’t go as easy on him as I have. I mean he had a little walking to do with all this training and stuff. I got the wheel chair and left him off at door. He walked more than someday’s though. Isn’t he cute in the infant hat, LOL…

I am going to attempt to embed my first video in here. Kyra’s favorite word is “Ready” and she didn’t say it once in this video, but Stan imitates her pretty good. I am very shaky as a video grapher, so forgive me. This video is 3 minutes 18 seconds and may take a minute or so to download be patient.