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 So, I have been feeling frustrated lately with my job and this whole construction job. However, that said,  my kids are improving in behavior some since all of them know that they are being video taped. I also have to apologize, to my regular readers who caught my posting this morning.  I am going and deleting it, which I generally never do.  It is not cool to use a blog to tell about other people sucking.  This applies more to this site than any because I consider this site to be what I want to remember about my life in 10 years and well, those memos are something I surely want to forget.

This is a photo taken from last night.  Yes, I have a diaper on my head and it actually doesn’t look that bad.  I do have these sort of funky horn looking ponytail things sticking out of the leg wholes, but over all a good look.  Kyra thought it was pretty funny.  We were plugging this little cord into each other and going zzzziiiiittttt! We play these little funny games.

We were watching this movie called Drowning Mona when both Adam and I fell asleep on the couch, so I never go to posting on here.  I went to bed early.

Well, this is my last post for tonight, sleep well.