Select Page was an interesting day.

I was getting this rocking tricycle out of the garage to bring in the house for Kyra to play with. (She loves it, can you tell??) Well, I went into the garage for just a second. Well, I locked myself out and Kyra in. I had a panic attack for a few seconds, but remembered the front door was unlocked, so just walked around. Woo…that sucked. There is the pictures of Kyra on the tricycle thing. We got that for her as a birthday gift. I have pushed her around outside on it as a tricycle. She is getting now so she likes rocking though, so putting in in the house should be fun for the winter. She was rocking like mad on it. The side view sort of looks like a terror face, but her face really looks more like the front view. She was smiling and laughing with her jaw open the whole time. It was sort of funny.

Driving went fine today. I am lucky. I have good kids that ride my bus. The other bus drivers were telling me some stories of things that are going on currently on there busses, well. I don’t really have that many stories of kids. They are generally good kids. My kindergarten kids are somewhat overly affectionate, that is my biggest issues. I can’t seem to get them to stop kissing each other. LOL… My biggest story is that the lady that wears the same skirt all the time was still wearing it. Ha Ha..

Kyra didn’t take naps hardly today and was in bed at 6:30. Wow that is early. We didn’t get in the shower today. It seemed to just sort of float on by, so I am going to anticipate Kyra getting up early and we will get in the shower early tomorrow, like 5 am. Woo that sounds so early. I am so not a morning person.

Kyra was in my shoes again today. Why she loves shoes I have no idea, but I think it is adorable. She seems to only take one. I guess that is so she can keep her balance. She did have 2 on once today though. They weren’t a matching pair though. They were both my shoes. She doesn’t seem to like sneakers, but I guess I don’t really that much either.

Here is an article that I found very interesting about the mapping of genes in prehistoric people. I think this is so cool that we can do this. Who knows why I find science stuff so interesting. LOL… Original LinkMy Copy for if link changes

I also joined 2 blog groups, who knows why. I don’t, but they are sort of fun looking at other peoples blogs. I have never really done that to much. I mostly just keep to myself and try to do stuff with my pictures when I am online. This can be fun. I joined and . I think I get something if it comes that I referred you, so make sure you tell them ladylike4 sent you. I don’t think either gives out money, so I won’t be to upset if you forget or whatever, they are just for fun for me. I am a minor league blogger, that does this for my own amusement mostly.

Well, that is all for today. I am going to bed early as 5 am is going to come way to quick….Night.