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This is how easy it is to make Kyra smile.  Open the fridge and let her look at the colorful inside. It does look pretty full right now too, so more entertaining than usual.

Here she is a monkey too.  She swings from this bar so frequently, I worry she is going to fall, but she hasn’t yet. She just swings and than slaps her feet down.  The treadmill sure is getting a workout.  LOL… 

I have walked on it about 20 minutes a day though.  I spread it out a whole lot during the day doing like 2 minutes at a time.  I haven’t gotten anywhere near my 3 miles though.  Adam is going to walk on it today though, so maybe it will go 3 miles today.  I also had Lauren show me what 10 miles per hour looked like…I let the belt run for a few minutes prior and got tired looking at it.  She did it for about 10 seconds and said she doesn’t think anyone can keep that pace very long.  LOL….

We are having an okay day besides the sadness of the goat.  We got rid of her now though, so she is just gone.  I can’t think about it to much…I have two little ones to think of.

Here is my little one Finley… isn’t he cute.   He is a little on the dirty side, but I don’t clean him like his mom would have.

 Here is little Snowy.  He isn’t as strong at Finley, so isn’t standing to often.  He did eat a little more the last time out.  I hope he cheers up.

Here are the twins…there instincts are strong because they are hiding in the corner with some of our junk.  Goats would do this in the wild…they hide in the scrubs and undergrowth laying perfectly still.  They are like the domesticated gazelle from the prairie.  My twins down move no matter what you do.  They are perfectly still little ones.  I will get pictures of them up later, but this is 6 am picture, so I didn’t bother them.  I will get some standing up in awhile, so you can see how much they’ve grown since they were born.  It is just amazing.