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Kyra went to the doctors this morning for her 6th month check up. All is good. She is right at average weight for her age. She opened her mouth for the doctor to stick her stick in there, she thought she was going to get a treat. Everyone said how cute she was, as they do everywhere we go. I guess they can’t help it, she is pretty cute.

I ate dinner with my rock club. It is great to visit with all the members and there families. I love being a member with such smart people in the group.

I am a substitute driver until I get a full time run. (This is my 2nd year as sub.) I am the next one supposed to get a run, so hopefully I don’t have to wait all that much longer. I am sick of doing different runs all the time even though it is nice knowing all the roads in the town by there names. Well, I get to drive tomorrow and am looking forward to that. (Update:I was doing a run for a lady on maternity leave before Christmas, so was working everyday. She had her baby December 13th, so I thought she would be off til at least middle of January. She came back on the 3rd. I haven’t worked since.) I am so ready to have my own route though.

Well, I am off to bed. It was a good day. Posted by Picasa