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Here is another photo from the dog show. This is Kyra and me with my cousins Rosey and Samantha. This photo was taken by my grandma who has proven much better photographer this weekend. I guess I like visiting with people that I don’t see that much more than photographing them. I would rather photograph people that I see often rather than visiting. LOL… I guess the balance needs adjusted. I will work on that with more pictures next time.

Kyra was wonderful while they were visiting. She is growing so quick and nicely. I think that they were a bit surprised with her advanced behavior, but not sure. She is pretty fun to watch live. We watched Adam’s video though and that is rather boring.

We went out to eat at Ryan’s. I think I will go there more often on Saturday nights as they do have quite a nice spread. Sometimes when I go there I think there selection is rather limiting, but I guess that is lunch time.

We went to Select for breakfast. It was rather boring meal. I think I would take the Newville Pat’s Cafe over for both value and taste. It seems the only time I really eat breakfast though is when guests are here or Adam home cooks for me.

Well, I am going to get off here for now. Kyra needs me. Bye. Posted by Picasa