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Today was interesting.  I have finished my neutral withdrawal from TDC.  I have another offer to work on a web site and it will make me the money I lost.  I think I am taking it.

I got hay for my goats. 

Some tree trimming guy that Adam called came and gave me the outrageous estimate that I told Adam they would.  ha ha… I guess I am trimming my own trees.  They aren’t that tall.

I worked on BTI posts a lot this morning.

I visited Robin for awhile in there somewhere.  She has Tuesday’s off lately.

The majority of the day though, the good majority.  I played with Kyra, including when I set the auto timer and took this wonderful shot.  LOL from the kitchen counter.  Yeah a little ketchup on the face and sometimes look like blush.

This though is the yucky face she got into the fridge (what’s new?) she got the eggs out and tried to crack one like we do to cook her breakfast.  I was watching her, but she was too funny to stop.  Yeah, I let her ruin an egg.  The yuck face came out though when she got the raw egg and not those delicious bits she gets in the mornings.  Aaawww, huh?  Don’t you feel sorry for her?  This is the face we see when she goes in her pants too, so it is funny to equate an egg with that. 

This was what we did outside.  Yeah, she hates being pulled in her sled.  The sled is fun to pull the baby around in though.  She especially likes pulling it over the rocks of the driveway, but we circled the house 4 times, so pretty good exercise.

Anyways, that was my exciting day.  It seems to me it was really more busy than this post makes it sound though.  Usually my days sound more exciting written down than in real life they are.  Today is an exception to that.  I did seem busy all day and not much boringness.

My routes went as usual virtually no mishaps.  The student that I talked about yesterday here was taken off my bus, so I probably won’t see him again.  Which is sort of sad at least to me.  I like even the bad kids though, I maybe a bit strange there, but I will miss him.