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  This first image here is not from today.  I think yesterday though.  Kyra loves using washcloths as blankets for her dolls, so here they all are laid out by her and with her toys resting peacefully.

 This photo she laid a washcloth on the floor and motioned Adam to get down with her.  Aren’t they just as cute as can be?  LOL… Adam looks huge compared to her doesn’t he.  It is an illusion, he is normally proportioned for an adult man. 

  They were then laughing and hugging.  Aaaawwww!  I love my Kyra and she has a great daddy too.  I am so fortunate to have such wonderful people surrounding me all the time.

  Here are the dolls today, they get a more cushioned nap area.

I have few more pictures, so as usual…I will post them in a new post.