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20071020_01709p I’m not going to post many pictures tonight because well, look at the time.  It is way past my bed time.  I can’t resist at least one though.  I can’t believe how many games of dominos have been played.  I enjoy dominos myself, but it is amazing. 

This game makes you laugh though.  I think everyone that gets together is this size of a group should give a game of dominos a try.  It makes you talk with something on common to talk about the game.  People should be using dominos as a date night versus eating for the very same reason. 

Anyways, it is sort of fun to have a relaxing visit with them.  This is Stan’s brother “Roy” on the left, Stan’s sister “Betty” in the center, Roy’s wife “Sharon” on next, and than of course “Stan”.  There is also Betty”s husband “Pete” with his back to me here, so you have to endure til tomorrow to see his picture.

We all sort of slept in this morning.  I made it all the way to somewhere around 7 before I got up.  I think Roy and Sharon were last to awake.  Roy cooked eggs for breakfast, they were yum.  I think Kyra ate more than anyone of them.

They wanted to go to the Mennonite store, so about 11 off we went to there.  Now to me, I think this is a cool store.  It is less than 3 miles from my house though, so I can go anytime and don’t get too carried away in there.  It can turn expensive if you go crazy just like any place.  They though took probably 20 minutes to go down the first aisle.  I was bursting in laughter on the inside.  It was so comical to watch for some strange reason.

We spent a few hours here ultimately.  We left and went to go to Walmart.  There were garage sales on the way, I guess these ladies never pass up a garage sale.  Like a good little host, I stopped.  I was driving there van with us all in.  They all bought some little goodie at the garage sales. 

Stan’s sugar started to drop, so it was about lunch time.  I got him some snacks and rounded us all up and we went to lunch.  It was good.  We never did make it to Walmart.  Oh well….I just washed the laundry they were going there to replace. 

We went up to the other Mennonite store, but it was closed when we got there, so off we came home. 

We got home at about 4 o’clock.  This is when the dominos started with a break to eat.  They played until after 11 tonight.  It was like a game, but talking and laughing in addition.  Pretty fun stuff if you ask me…

I am going to bed, they are leaving tomorrow.  I am so happy though that they came, I think it has made Stan’s few days.  I imagine he will talk about it for a few weeks.  Stan likes hearing all the stories being told about him when he was younger.  Stan used to be very much like a ox, there are even stories of professional NFL players (Seattle Seahawks) defensive line players that together couldn’t tackle Stan.  Stan smiles and laughs at all the stories and I find it all pretty sweet.

So anyways, Good Night…