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Don’t throw crayons out the bus windows kids, how many times do I have to tell you that??  You could hit this crazy guys car and he stops when we do and he gets in the bus and threatens you with a gun all because you hit his precious car with a crayon and now there is a  red line on his windshield.

Ok, in all seriousness I don’t think he would have made it onto my bus.  I don’t stick around for adults, I am more in this for the kids.  I would have probably been shot though.

Did you know that it is illegal for even the parents of the kids on the busses to stop foot on a school bus??  This is not a little fine either, it is a pretty hefty one and has been enforced in my district a few times when parents jumped on and grabbed their kids or things like that.

If you know who this guy is in Florida though as of right now, it isn’t to late to call it in.

Here is the PDF.