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Yeah, we ate out twice today.  It was spectacular…absolutely zero cooking.  We just sort of wasted the morning.  I slept in until almost 9 o’clock.  Woo Hoo.

We had to take Stan to the hospital to remove this thing hooked to his heart.  A 24 EKG thingy, so that was scheduled for around 1.  We left at 11:30 and ate out before arriving at the hospital.  That went super smooth.

I forgot to drop off a prescription prior to going to eat though, so dropped it off on way back.  The pharmacy closes at 6, so we knew we would be back in town.  The pill was needed for morning.

In the meantime, I was doing research on one of my jobs that was due last week, or well rather yesterday.  I didn’t get the paperwork in the mail like I normally do, so I was making sure it wasn’t canceled and such.  It turns out it wasn’t.  This was a job at Sears in the mall.

So, I called Tom of course and said what are you doing in an hour.  LOL… He said he was going out to eat with his mom and sister, so I said is there any chance of doing that at the mall??  He said yeah, that sounds great.  He watched Kyra the 20 minutes my job takes and we all went to dinner together.  Talk about win win….

So, all my pictures today are of Kyra at the mall.  Oh, and me looking as fat as possible in this last one.  Man do I need to loose weight.  I have an innertube around my middle, aaaahhhh!

Here is a last picture though.  This one is of my first front flower.  I forget what kind these are, but they are perennial and I don’t have to mess with them at all, so I love them.

We came home from mall, cleaned the fish tank.  Yes, an accomplishment.  Stan went to bed, I watched a rerun of CSI.  Kyra was asleep on my shoulder at the end.  I put her in bed and here I am typing away. 

I am not really tired, probably because I slept in.  I am going to check out some sponsored posts for tonight.  Oh, and I wrote that article yesterday, but Daily Blog Tips doesn’t want it.   Here is what he said about it:

 “Unfortunately I am not 100% so sure about it. It is a good post, but the writing style does not match the blog (I am being picky I know). Secondly I am not making plugs within the posts to the sites of the writers.”

Both of these points are right.  I did put a plug to this site in there, of course.  I also didn’t write in his style.  I wrote in my style with Nia’s grammar help.  I do think it was some of my best writing ever, but it is geared towards helping with blogging.  A topic that this site doesn’t even touch on.  Hence, I will find a different site to post it on as a guest blogger and I will lead you there if you would want to read it.

Good Night….