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Shit running out the bottom of pants I don’t think that this photo need any explanation, but you should know that it isn’t chocolate coming out the bottom of her pants.

Shitty Leg This is what it looks like without the pants and with the big chunks rinsed off.  This photo could haunt her when she is older, I think.  I do have the rest of her body.  She has this brown stuff all the way up to her nose.

Girl and her Dog So, she cleans up very well and she is forgiven.  I swear for anyone else though, I could not have stomached that.

We played and read for the rest of the day. 

She likes pretending she is a dog now.  We got one of those outside stakes for in the ground with 50 foot cable to tie the dog outside.  Today, Kyra insisted on being tied to it.  So, Kyra did laps on the cable while the dog run around loose following her.  She did that for about 40 minutes.  It is crazy.

We went to Walmart got some things. (BANANAS, blah…) It finally rained, which made me and Kyra do a dance.  It is so dry.  The yard is going to shrivel up and blow away any minute now.

It was a pretty good day if only I can get the above images out of my head.  A few hours sleep should do that though.  Have a great night…