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I have 2 interviews this week.  I am nervous for this.  I did my Circuit City jobs though yesterday and all that, during the day time.  It went smooth, yet it was very boring for some reason.

I didn’t feel real great after that.  I told my neighbor I would go drink with her, she drinks Monday’s usually.  I asked about taking Advil with drinking though, and was advised not to, so I just drank a drink at home.  Well, I hadn’t eaten anything and being the not big drinker that I am.  I could feel the effects, isn’t that either really great or really sad??  LOL…

I sat on the chair and watched “Girl Meets Cowboy” and drank this one drink.  I think I took a small nap in this somewhere, but not sure.

Stephen came home from work, got himself all cleaned up.  We went to the bar and my neighbor was there.  We ate wings, yum. 

All in all, I had 4 drinks.  It is crazy though because I felt better when I left the bar versus when I entered the bar.  Food really does make a difference… LOL..

We went and got Kyra. Than came home and went to bed.  There is no school for me today either, so we slept in.  I have an interview at 11, so am all ready for that now.