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Well, the beginning of school makes my driver news box over flow, so I am going to give you all the news in one post here.

This story is just sad.  This little 5-year old was left off at the wrong stop twice. Yes, two days in a row.   She was actually put onto the wrong bus.  The people responsible should be awfully ashamed of themselves. Here is PDF in case that link stops working.

I don’t really know if this counts a news, but someone went with a driver in training and wrote this article.  I didn’t have a supervisor riding with my my first route with kids.  I was nervous out of my mind.  LOL…

Here is one that is quite shocking.  The driver held a knife to a student.  The driver was an old guy to whom should have knew better about 50 years ago.  How can we expect to teach our kids right from wrong with this going on??  People are so dumb.  Here is the PDF in case that link stops working.

This one makes me laugh sort of with the introduction.  The transportation director is a person who generally sits in an office, not someone whom has any idea what riding on a bus is like beyond their own childhood experiences.  He gives advise that is just text book.   It makes me wonder what advise my transportation director would give.

Some wacko was driving beside a bus without pants on trying to get the kids to look at him.  How gross!  I am glad they caught him and I hope he stays away from kids for the rest of his life. Here is this PDF in case that link stops working.

Last news of today is great news.  A driver hero.  This driver may have saved this girl.  She passed out on the bus and the driver got her help.  I hope this never happens on my bus.  Here is the PDF in case the link stops working.