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I am very behind in my driver news, which is sort of ironic because I mostly just didn’t see the news coming in. 

1. Here is a lady that lives 2 miles from the school and they just had the bus stop coming.  Probably because of lack of drivers…they are in the walk zone which isn’t required to have busses.

2. Apparently, this was a big news story.  I driver left a 5 year old on the bus all day.  She was fired from driving, but also fired from being a cafeteria worker for doing this.  I think this is a little harsh as after this one time.  I bet her lesson is learned and she would be the most watchful of any driver there is.

I always wonder what they think is going to happen though to the kid left on.  I read these stories all the time and it says how lucky they were to be unhurt in the situation.  I think how is that luck though, what is going to happen to a healthy kid locked in a bus all day.  Yeah, it might get a little hot.  I doubt a 5 year old could get out of the bus without an adult or older kids help.  I don’t think I have ever read a story where the child was injured in this situation though.  It is really more unfortunate that they didn’t get off the bus when they needed too, than it is lucky they are okay.

3. Stupid people suck.  A driver is accused to touching a girl.  He asked the girl for a hug and then touched her inappropriately and kissed her her up while she was giving it to him.  How sick.

4. I need one of these “I drive school bus….what is your excuse??” shirts.  I think it is funny that she calls us poor bus drivers.  She has no idea how right she is, but not in the way she wrote it.  LOL…

5. There is another lost driver, but this one the students call 911 and say she is drunk.  LOL…  They had changed the route without letting the sub driver know, so she was going the way she was taught.  She returned to the school with the kids from all the confusion.  She was questioned by police and was found to be completely sober.  Why does this story make me laugh???  I am so glad I am not a substitute anymore.  I did that long enough.