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This is a sponsored post*

Okay, so I never thought I would post about a drug rehabilitation program on here and have actually looked over this posting many times. 

I have now looked in at the site that is StoneHawk rehabilitation center in Battlecreek, Michigan and I am considering recommending them to someone that I know that really needs there services.  I think that this program would be good for this person.

Anyways, I am supposed to write a post that is of a positive drug rehabilitation.  I only think of Adam when I think of people rehabilitated from drugs although he was not treated at a facility.  He just stopped and it now the furthest from a druggie.  He is the anti-drug.  He says he should join the task force.  I guess I did nudge him a little with the ultimatum of drugs or never seeing me again.  I guess he likes me…LOL.

Anyways, there is my story.  It is pretty pathetic I know.  I really wish anyone with troubles though to check out this program and really consider there lives as drugs do ruin lives.