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Yesterday both Lyn and I were pulled for drug testing.  Yeah, most people think awe damn, I have to go pee in a cup and blah.  We on the other hand think woo hoo, you see we get paid for taking the test.  Yeah, the bus driver perk.  You get paid for peeing in a cup.  LOL…  We were both pulled though which is also cool as we just rode down together.  We went to breakfast and made basically a whole day of it. 

We got there and it took about 40 minutes to finally have all the pee sent in those little funky containers…

We came back to my house, gave Kyra to her dad.  Yeah, she went to breakfast and to the drug test with us.  We passed her on to her dad though and off they went for some fun times.  We came in and I worked on editing some photos of Lyn’s son.  I still haven’t ordered the prints though, this perfection takes so much time.  We are going to get together sometime next week probably to finally do that part. 

I really have to order some prints of Kyra too.  I have like a million pictures of her and us.  I have virtually no prints.  I probably haven’t gotten a physical print in 6 to 8 months.  I really want to get a really big print too.  I love my photos blown up nice and big in prints.  It is so nice…to see them on my walls.

After my afternoon routes, Stephen and I went to the little pizza joint in town and got a sub.  We always split one because I eat like a bird, so I am told.  Blah…  Anyways, we got a kind of sandwich that I had never had before and it was gross, so I basically ate fries.  They were so good though, crunchy and perfectly well done. 

We came back and watched CSI.  Sara is gone, oh how sad.  I really like her relationship Grissom.  They are a cute couple, so I’ll miss her.  Stephen went home right when it was over, I am trying harder to get him home earlier so he gets enough sleep.  I feel bad when he is tired the next day because he was so late with me.

Today is rather dull.  I am just going to stay home this morning.  I was going to go to Circuit City, but I just called instead.  He set up the one thing I had asked about and the bigger display isn’t going to go up this week either.  It sucks, but there is really no sense in me going down there to hear rejection when I have already went once.

There is a rock auction tonight that I am going to.  We are taking Stan with us even.  Tom is going to bring Stan home and we are going to go get Kyra from Adam.  We are also getting the shelves out of Kyra’s room finally, so she will officially have her own room tomorrow night.  She has her own room now, but doesn’t sleep in it.  She has her bed right beside mine.  She sleeps good in her own bed though.  Anyways…that is my yesterday and plans for today.

I am hoping to hear from this job soon here.  I am all anxious…hope hope. Today is the day they said they would have made the decision though…aaaahhhhh!  I do have nerves.

Hope you are having a wonderful day.