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Today was a good day.

I did part of my regular Walmart jobs that I do every 2 weeks. So that means Adam was home with Kyra. It is a good break for me and I take pictures usually somewhere whiles I am gone for like 2 hours.

How is it though that days when I leave her with him she is so cheerful when I get back. It is like I have been gone for a week. Her hands go up ready to be held by me. She goes right to bed too. I mean she is already in bed at 7:05. That is early for her, whilst yesterday she was still awake at 9:00 and I couldn’t get her to sleep. Does he wear her out that much??

It is really funny too because today I was gone for 3 hours. He called me and asked me how much longer I was going to be twice. The second time I had just pulled into the driveway. It is sort of comical. She sometimes cries for him as she sometimes does for me. (She really isn’t much of a crier though.) She is about the best baby a person could ask for. Her crying is more like normal people saying “I’m bored”. She needs played with. I usually just sit on the floor and hand her toys as she always wants the one I have, so I just rotate through them. Handing her the one she dropped just seconds prior.

Aren’t the ducks pretty?? They are so romantic appearing, but I know they are both girls. They are my neighbors both were won at a carnival. They grew up so pretty though.

They came and fixed my furnace valve today. It was working the furnace part, but the new furnace has more pressure than the old, so it did something to a valve in the pipes. Well, anyways…I didn’t have cold water quickly. They replaced a valve in one of the pipes and well now my cold water has returned. It was really strange feeling to have to wait on cold water. Now, we don’t wait on either hot or cold. They both are there within seconds. I love it. Thank goodness for indoor plumbing, I hope the person that invented it was rich in their life. I am sure they are long passed though, so thank goodness that they ever lived too. Posted by Picasa