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Today I woke, took Kyra to Adam’s.  I didn’t stop or collect $200 went straight to the clinic had Stan’s blood work done.

Came home…see posts below. Did those.  I watched some TV with Stan, cleaned some stuff, cooked lunch.

We went and got some of Stan’s pharmacy purchases, than went to the Legion ate dinner.  Mine was blah!  I only ate a little bit.  We went to Walmart got some meats, some milk and some toothpaste. 

Came home, I sat outside with Cathy waiting for Kyra and she showed up.  That was the highlight of the day, getting her back.  We fed the goats, played in the bus some, visited with Cathy some more.  Came inside played this Flipping Game, it came with a Wendy’s kids meal.  Kyra thinks it is funny. 

We watched Barney and she fell asleep in my arms as she frequently does.  I put her in bed and here I am.  It was a dull day.