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portable-duplex-scanner Duplex scanner is a great way to keep track of your personal finance receipts and keep all those wonderful drawings from your 2 year old without having to actually keep the drawings. You have no idea how many drawings will fit onto your average CD.  I use my scanner for both of these tasks and it works great. 

I have a file for the receipts of the year on my blogging and other contractor job expenses.  I scan and store my years worth of receipts in that.

I also have a dated file for Kyra art work.  I have her first circle she drew scanned and saved in there.  I don’t have to keep that paper that was scrap paper to begin to have that memory forever.  I suggest this for everyone with a kid of any age.

I also scan some of the nicer art works I get from students on the bus.  I scanned on today from a kindergarten student that drew me and Kyra.  It is so nice to get these art works.  I scan the ones I want to keep forever, and hang the actual piece out in the bus for the sun to fade away and eventually for me to trash it.  I always have the full color original though in my scan.

If you don’t have a scanner, check out this ScanShell 3000DN Duplex model.  It looks great…