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I don’t have any new pictures today, so instead of posting an old picture. I am trying out that e-mail blogging thing. I hope it works. I will try it with pictures added in the e-mail later. I may like just sending an e-mail although that Picasa software that they give you is very easy to use. I recommend it for anyone with a Blogger Blog.

Today was a good day.

I got to sleep in late. That seems like the best thing that can happen to me lately. Kyra gets up at 6:30 and did this morning as usual. Adam took her though and I slept through her getting up. He kept her til 8:30, but I slept through that even. He put her in bed with and I nursed her to sleep and we both slept another 2 hours, so yes. Ultimately I did not wake up until just after 10. Wow….

We than went to Carlisle because I thought I had a job to do changing the batteries in the Fisher Price display. Well, we bought the batteries and everything than I got in the store was signing in the book. When I read the paperwork that I don’t have to do the job until the 30th. So we only got goat feed. We didn’t even have enough time to get a lunch out.

I had to ride with a bus run at 1:20, so we sort of rushed back. I got home grabbed a sandwich. Kyra and I went and rode with this bus run. It was like the simplest run of any that I know, so that is refreshing. As I wasn’t in the frame of mind to be learning a complicated run today. Tomorrow we ride with another run that will be more complicated.

It was raining today, so I didn’t get to hike any. I will surely do that tomorrow as I do like it. I think the clean air is so healthy for me and carrying Kyra in the backpack makes for a great workout.
Well, we got back from our bus run. I am working on hooking up this RSS program on my computer. This is going to be great program. I can tell already. I feel so current. I can really blog some current events in my later chapters here.

We than watched out Netflix DVD of the TV series King of Queens. That is a funny show. I love Netflix. I cancelled all my movie channels and got the 3 movie package. Now we watch different movies all the time and the ones we order. It costs less than Starz and HBO that we had before.

Well, now are are past just movies and into these television series as a mix. I am running out of movies that I want to see. I hope they start making some good ones and breaking them down to DVD fast. I am all excited that Wedding Crashers is coming out soon on DVD. I am ready to get that one in the mail.

Well, that is it for tonight. So here goes…I am going to hit send on this e-mail and hope it works…Night.