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Copy of S1030425  I still haven’t got my pictures off my camera and I want to go to bed.  I am tired.  I haven’t been sleeping great.  So, this is a picture of my sister-in-law with my Kyra.  They look more alike than me and Kyra don’t they??  LOL…

My routes went sort of good today.  I am glad the end is near.  The kids gave me news that I am celebrating.  The 5th grade goes on a field trip tomorrow and won’t be on the bus.  This is the best thing they could have told me here lately.

I am sitting my brothers dog still and it really does seem to be getting better.  She is limping her back left leg, but walking over all better than yesterday.  I took her out and laid in the front yard for a bit tonight with her, so I let her get some fresh air.

Stan went to the doctors today.  They changed his insulin dosage and are going to do several tests on his stomach.  Oh, and fit him for special socks that will help reduce swelling in his feet.

I got quite a bit done on here today, including finally getting a theme that works for my FranklinRocks site.  That site now needs some articles and stories of our rock stories.  Our club has so many, but to get them to type them to me is like pulling a tooth.  I personally don’t have so many. 

I also decided to offer a collaboration with Nia on one of my other unused domains.  She accepted, so we are now officially partners on a site.  I will tell you what site later.  LOL… sorry for the suspense, but there is quite literally nothing there as of now.  Now, Nia has something like 5 sites that I know of as hers.  This will be an easy gig though I hope.

Well, that was my day.  Have a great night.