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Here is a photo from the other day with Kyra in the big rocks. She really liked it on those rocks.

Yesterday was a productive day. I sometimes wish everyday were that productive, but I would run out of production very quick. We had an electrician here from Campbell’s Electric. He was very good. He fixed my outlets/curcuits so that I could use my portrait studio lights, but really there probably wasn’t anything wrong with my outlets. The one light had a short in it where two wires were touching. It is no wonder that it blew circuits.

He also helped Adam put the door on, which was great as our door frame wouldn’t hold the door. We had to cut some of the frame away which we wouldn’t have had the tools.

My bus run was standard except that it was treat day for my kindergartens. I gave them a choose of a piece of candy, a match box car or a pen that said “Beautiful Girl”. Well, I only have 3 cars missing and about 6 pens, so we now know that candy is more of a hit.

Now today this morning I am going to go to some garage sales and than go to Lauren’s all school track meet, it is called an invitational or something.