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Elkhart has a good thing going here, but what I don’t get it why do they need a $60,000 grant to do this when the tickets are $200-$1000 in fines and they get at least one or two a day.  I mean a speeding ticket doesn’t cost this much, but they sit out passing them out and speeding doesn’t put kids in danger quite the same way that driving past reds does.  So, why stop??

Here in Pennsylvania…..driving past red lights on a school bus is $1000 and 30 days loss of license if you are caught and convicted.  This seems like it should be a good incentive for cops to want to catch these potential child killers, but for me the cops mostly seemed annoyed at the idea.

I used to call in my red light runners (last year) and then I would go to court and feel really stupid, but nothing was ever done.  I have given up basically if you want to run my red lights and kill one of the students on my bus.  Well, you are basically more than welcome.  Will I do anything, yeah…I’ll try to get your license plate number and I’ll call 911.  You will more than likely get away though because I won’t have seen your face enough to identify your nose from a line up of noses.

Here is the PDF on this Elkhart story.