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Yesterday, our old neighbor Brandi came to visit us. If you think your life is complicated, you haven’t heard anything compared to her. She is pregnant due in November, so we will just be happy for her and wish her the best with all the minimum complications. Here she is with Kyra though, it is the first time she actually sees Kyra. She moved out from the house behind my barn while I was pregnant. She has called and instant messaged me since, but never saw me or Kyra since probably June.

She looks good though, she is basically the cutest pregnant lady. She is only like 10 weeks pregnant though, so playing it totally out. I was still trying to hide it at that point when I was pregnant. I tried to wear my regular clothes as long as possible. We had a good visit though, ate french fries from my new fryer. LOL….

Today was a good day too. This morning one of my students gave me a framed picture of Kyra that she had taken on the bus. I never saw her taking pictures, but oh well. She said she took it on Thursday. Anyways, I was really surprised. It was great. I thought the kids mostly didn’t like me on that route, so maybe I am more liked than I think I guess.

On my other route the bad kid I wrote about the other day is riding again. It is the first time even though he has had permission for over a week. He was behaved, so it is good. I hope he stays behaved. I really don’t hold grudges on these little ones. They can change and I guess I expect this particular one too.

Now, here is my laundry pile before. It is like a few weeks worth. I admit I am terrible at folding clothes. There aren’t dirty clothes hanging around my house, but piles of clean clothes. LOL…..

Now here however is the after photo…….DRUM ROLL PLEASE……..

Yes, the floor is empty. Woo Hoo…..

The clothes were moved as well now to my family closet which is located in the basement. I think my biggest issue with not folding the clothes was that I didn’t have any place to put them once they were folded. My dressers and closet are/were full. My next move will be to get them emptied to the basement. I hope to have a dresser in my bedroom with basically nothing in it, but sheets for the bed and blankets.

Kyra went to bed real easy tonight, so that was good.

I have some more photos I want to post of my flowers that I took today, but it is getting late and Kyra now wants me, so I am going to bed. I will post those tomorrow though. Night….