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20070919_00307a Today Adam had Kyra so you would think it would be boring, but it was actually one of the more exciting days driving.  I did my morning routes like normal every one was perfectly behaved.  My one student that seems to be the instigator of problems wasn’t on. 

Adam was here to get Kyra when I got back from my routes.

In the middle of the day, I went to Circuit City and installed two camera’s on the display.  It was a quick easy job.

I went on my afternoon routes and this is where everything got a little exciting.  LOL…  I did my high school route like normal, nothing unusual.  The middle school girls are now making lists of the boys they like which I find sort of comical as they read them off like a grocery list and compare one to another.

My little kids route, I am still in strict bus driver mode, so I have to say sit down every 10 seconds of the route.  I hope they figure out soon that if they actually sit down for the full ride, I become pretty nice and easy to get along with.  They hate me at the moment though.

Anyways…that isn’t the exciting part.

We were driving along on my back country roads like normal.  Well, look ahead of us and what do we see??  A horse!  This isn’t really that unusual the horse part, but this horse was all by himself and under no supervision.  I put my flashers on and stopped the bus with this horse coming straight at us.  The kids were all on full alert.

There I was stopped in the road and the horse ran right into the bus.  Yeah, he ran into us.  He sort of fell back a little dizzy and off he continued to run.  LOL…

I can hear the transportation office tomorrow saying I hit a horse, so I called my boss and told him.  It was pretty funny, the bus is okay and I think the horse is too. 

Well, we continued on a little further up the road and there was a farmer who had lost one of those giant bales of hay.  The ones that are like 10 normal bales all in one.  The kind that take like 4 people to move.  We just drove around it.

All the while, what ever was put in the water to keep the kids behaved was removed.  I had a young man throwing spit balls on the bus…blah.  He is going to clean the bus tomorrow though and boy does it need it.  The fact that it really needs it makes me smile as I almost cleaned it myself today….sorry little guy you picked the wrong day.  LOL..

I came home and Stan needed a prescription, so off we went to the pharmacy.  We weren’t gone long when we got back Adam had Kyra home returning her to me.  She was petting the neighbors cat, so I sort of just took over supervision and she continued to pet their cat.  She waved and kissed Adam good-bye and off he went.

We played outside for quite a while with the neighbors.  I had bought pig feed today, so we took that out to the barn and gave her a good helping.  We picked a load of weeds/corn stalks from the garden.  Oh, that makes me sweat.  We took those to the horses and that was our day. 

We came in watched 1/2 a CSI with Stan and now we are both about to go to bed.  Isn’t she cute in her picture from yesterday with that darn horse thing, she loves rocking on that.  Adam took it back to his house…as she can ride the real horses here.  I need to get a picture of her on the real horses.

My cold seems to be slightly easing, but I still have it.  It is very mild though, so hopefully it just stays this way.

Anyways, I am going to bed.  Have a great night.