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Future Computer Whiz

Yesterday was a rather exhausting day. So exhausting that I didn’t even get to do my normally relaxing post. Yes, posting on here is sort of like therapy.

I went to the doctors in the morning. He didn’t do anything the other doctor didn’t do, but he charged twice as much. I am really going crazy with the cost of medical stuff. I asked him about it and he went off on the cost of insurance, which I wasn’t talking about at all. Since I almost don’t have it….I am sure that if the medical stuff costed less the insurance would cost less too. I believe both medicine and insurance are huge industries that take advantage of normal everyday boring people like me. I am more mad at medicine stuff right at the minute though.

After that I came home and had a conference call with Team Double Click, it was interesting. I also answered a lot of calls for my assigned client. Woo Hoo. He hadn’t forwarded his phone since Thursday.

Scrunched Nose

While all this was going on Kyra was so busy. She was dancing and playing and went on a walk outside. Her new thing now is spinning on the chair. I think you could spin her all day and she would just hold on happy as could be. (This picture of her scrunching her nose is her on the chair spinning.)

She also is liking saying “huh” almost everything you say to her she says “huh” back. It is pretty cute.

She also has her teeth coming in and I think it is improving her smile because she seems to be doing this sly smile with just her lips, which is totally cute. She used to only smile with like her whole mouth.

Another interesting thing happened yesterday that has never happened to me before. I got 2 random job offers out of the blue. It was like karma or something. I had been looking for a job to stay working at home. I finally get semi set with Team Double Click and make it through there tedious interview process and than…boom. Jobs come flying from all directions. It is crazy. I am not going to quick Team Double Click though, I like my client guy. I told the one job offer that I maybe could write some stuff for him. The other job is to be a picture quality checker, which would be a cool job. I don’t have the details on it yet, but it might be fun to do. I could maybe actually do pretty good working from home with all this stuff put together though. I surely don’t want to go sit in a office besides this one all day. I like my semi-freedom.

Well, that is all for yesterday. You are now up to date. Woo Hoo… Bye..