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headtail I am sad that I missed last weeks project.  I would have written about stacking wood, I think.  Last week the theme was the word Stack.  I just got so busy that I didn’t get a chance to do it.  I think I slept instead.

Anyways…on with this week.  Skittles has the topic of Explore…which I love.  She has it in honor of her Birthday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY and just be glad you have a holiday at all. What is there around April 25th???  Besides the fact it always rains???  Yes, in 30 years of my life.  I can remember 2 birthday’s without rain.


I am an explorer at heart.  Do you think there is any unclaimed pieces of land left??  I should go hunting huh??  I sometimes really miss driving cross country though, that was exploring in it’s own way.  You get to go to towns unknown to you and eat at places you never even seen before.  It is like each day a new adventure. 

If I were to drive again like that though, I would go by myself.  Yeah, I would go solo.  Each day taking an hour or so to visit around whatever town I happen to land it.  I think when it was me and Adam we always rushed too much.  Yes, our jobs were to rush. 

We only once in awhile took the time to go the other road through a town or stop to see some crazy tourist trap.  I love tourist traps by the way.

Except through Ohio…. Yes, I think I have traveled all the back roads in Ohio.  The interstate speed limit is 55 for trucks and they are walled with cops, so that is no incentive to stay on the interstates, I think I went through all the small towns.  We would look at the map, and figure the actual straightest line to where we were going on the small roads.

I hated Ohio while we were driving, but now looking back on driving.  Ohio is what I miss the most.  It was the slow days going in unfamiliar areas and all the dirty looks of the people walking the streets. 

You know some people don’t really appreciate all that driver’s do for them.  Some show this by being very rude.  I don’t think the driver’s mind this though for the most part except when they see that “No Truck Parking sign”.  There needs to be less of those…

Anyways, back to Exploring…I should do some here again.  I think I am going to take the back roads into the Baltimore Aquarium which is a place I really need to go visit.