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Last night Stan had not one, but two low sugar incidents.  That made me up once at midnight and again at 4.  I got about 3 hours of sleep.  I drove my kids this morning and went and did my Circuit City job.  Adam got Kyra, but he hung around my house all day.  He had to take his dad for bloodwork.  I came back from doing my job and took a 1 1/2 hour nap that saved me.  I did my afternoon routes feeling pretty good. 

I went and did my Walmart job.  Stan’s brother and sister were coming to spend the weekend.  I thought they were just going to spend one night, but they are going to spend 2, so that is great.  They will be here til Sunday.

They were here about 4:30, but I had left of course for my job.  I had it set so I would meet them at Ryan’s to eat.  Adam was with.  It turned out pretty nice because this is right across from Walmart where I was working. 

We had a good meal, but I didn’t eat to much.  I hadn’t eaten anything else all day and to pig out would have made me sick.  Adam left and went home and I brought Stan and Kyra back with me. 

We played domino’s until after 11.  Which is pretty amazing for Stan as he is usually like a clock with going to bed on time.  It is pretty nice to have them though as they seem to get along so well.  It is interesting to see how other people interact with each other.  It is fun.

I am going to bed now.  I will have lots of photos of them tomorrow, so sssshhhhh!  They don’t know that yet.  Good Night…