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We went to the Shippensburg Community Fair today. It was fun, but very very hot. Fairs aren’t the same down here either as they were where I lived as a kid.

They have the community fair which this was, they have the county fair at another time, and then down here they have individual animal shows and just carnivals at various times of the year. There are so many things that I don’t think any one excels the way the county fair where I grew up does. It is almost like the animals are optional at the community fair though. They come for the show, but leave as quick as they come and nobody gets to see them unless you are there at the right time.

Kevin was with us. He said that the pig barn was full on Monday for example. There were some pigs here, but it was far from full. The pigs had gone home.

We went and we saw though. Here is the proof:

Here however, was my favorite picture of the day. She is in most of my recent favorite pictures. LOL….

Well, we came home from fair, Kyra took nap and I watched TV. I am going to bed now. Night.