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Here is a scan of the picture we had taken at Sears. The people are in the back left to right row Barb, Zach, Kevin, Andy, Tim, Stan, Taylor, Adam, Cathy, Me, Zach, and finally of course Kyra.
Kevin, Tim, Andy, and Adam are all brothers and the sons of Stan. Us girls are the sister-in-laws all of us.
I just wanted to get that down because I forget the names even myself, how dumb is that??? LOL… The portrait was actually okay to have made. We all were in pretty good spirits. I had to leave though as soon as it was done, so I didn’t get to see the good stuff. I had to go to a Bridal Shower (next post, LOL…) The portrait turned out okay and Grandma is going to be thrilled. (We had it done for Grandma Moore.)
Well, Bye Again…