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Well, they are gone. It was nice having them here for those couple days. I always like seeing my grandma.

I wish we had something more we could have done today to make them stay a few minutes longer…ha ha. However, it is sort of nice to fill my dishwasher alone. I am not used to the bustle of a bunch of people. We are just quiet boring souls most of the time.

That said yesterday was pretty fun. We went to the Farm Show. We walked the full building I would say, which is a feat in itself, but there were thousands of people there all with that same goal. I thought my feet were going to fall off when we finally got to the rodeo and sat down. My feet were fine though.

I probably would have taken 10 times the amount of pictures if I were just Adam and I though, so he is probably glad that the family went. He would have hated being with me. I am a picture nut. LOL…

Adam got a flat tire on my car on the way to the restaurant from the show. We haven’t had a flat tire on a car since I met Adam, so I guess we were due. I wasn’t in the car though when it happened, so my streak of being flat tireless is still going. ha ha.. Any ways, I have to go get that fixed later today.

I made pancakes this morning. I think they were a hit. I am really getting good at them and my griddle is a great kitchen tool, everyone should have one of those.

Well, maybe I will type more about the visit later who knows. Now Kyra is sleep and I am going to go relax.