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Well, life is busier now that I work all the time if you can’t tell that from the reduced posts.  There you have it.  I feel like I want to get away when I get home from work.  I am on a computer all day…how remarkable though never thought that could happen.

_DSC1094 Kyra is of course perfect, especially when she is asleep as like most kids.  She is a real joy awake though too.  She is so smart, puts things all together.  She asks smart questions and always wants to play.  She helps me cook everything.  She enjoys being able to do things herself…for example today she opened a single serving bag of Oreos.  She makes you laugh because she says I squeeze it and they come right out all the while laughing hysterically like it is the best thing to ever happen.  It gives you a whole new perspective on opening Oreos though that is for sure.

My last week was pretty standard…my weeknights are get home late, cook, play outside an hour, get bath, watch TV, and go to bed.  It is the weekends we live for here.

Hatch We went to the fish hatchery with Tarin and her son.  It was so fun although her son called it boring…blah on him.

butts We had fun taking photos after.  I don’t have many photos of myself because I am always the one taking them, so I got about 5 new ones of me.  Look at that big butt…

Sunday we went to a friends house and picked up some stuff I left there.  We went to the Legion though after and had burgers.  There food is yummy and well for me and Kyra to eat it was less than 8 dollars… I can’t do burgers with the fixings for that price at home.  There was another man and his daughter in there eating, Kyra and her were playing.  I told him we were going to the park after, he was like could we tag along.  I don’t know where the parks are around here.

So…off we went to the park.

When we got there…it was like I knew everyone there.  Laura was there with her kids, so Kyra played with them and I got to talk with them for a bit.  We walked around the trail to the other side and who shows up… Lyn and her kids, so Kyra was playing with them.  It was really cool….all the while I am with this strange guy whom I have no idea even his first name.  It was a bit strange.  LOL…. 

We went walking around the trail back to the other side of the park, we had been there like 2 hours.  There is Stephen’s gram walking around the trail, so I give her a hug.  She is actually nice to me and hugs me.  I loved her… I miss some of his family a lot.  She would be tops of the list.

The guy I’m with his name is Clark and he owns a body shop in Chambersburg.  He turned out to be pretty nice.  Our girls played pretty good together. 

It was none the less an interesting time at the park way more entertaining then my usual chase Kyra which I still got to do of course.

Monday was really good.  I like sleeping in.  I changed my work hours, so I don’t have to get to work until noon.  I got up and cleaned the house for about an hour.  Adam came here to get Kyra and took her to get her almost last vaccination.   I think she has 2 left now.

She went and played at Laura’s today instead of Tom’s house because he was taking Brittany to Pittsburgh.  She did really well though, so everything is all good.  We cooked ham with Pepsi glaze for super.  It actually turned out yum.

Deuce has fleas, again…I swear if I am a day late on that Frontline thing he gets them again.  I think I am going to get some of those disgusting bug bomb things for in my house…. I don’t really like the idea of poison going in the entire air of my house, but I also don’t like the idea that fleas never die.  That maybe something that happens sooner versus later though, we will see.

Have a great time…..