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It is hard to believe that it is Monday already, where did the weekend go??  Saturday the farm show was really nice.  Kyra got to pet the alpaca that was one of the highlights.  It was pretty nice though she was really good.  I carried her a lot though which made me get blisters on both my feet.  She isn’t as light as she once was and that building is big.  She wouldn’t let Stephen carry her at all.

We went and ate after leaving there the food is good there, but it is twice as expensive as not there, so we left.

We came home and watched movies after that.

Yesterday, Sunday, I did laundry all day.  Yeah, you heard it all day long laundry.  There are only two people here in my house how do you people with 4 kids manage??  Kyra and I played about every game we have.  We read.

In the afternoon, I finally got the nerves up to go get my car fixed.  It was shaking like mad at 60 mph.  I thought I just needed an alignment and wheel balance.  Well, come to find out one of the brake calibers was locked on which means I was driving around with my brakes on all the time.  It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be bill wise and now it is fixed and I can drive on the highway again. It took a little over 3 hours to get this done though, so Kyra and I were hanging around the mall all this time.

Kyra was exhausted when we got home, so she went almost immediately to bed.  I stayed up job hunting online which is where I do most of my hunting.  I guess I am terrible at it to because it is very time consuming.  That is why this site has sort of been being ignored as of lately.  I am online and I am job hunting instead of talking to the world blabber mouthing my life to everyone.  LOL…

I had that interview today at Citi, but it wasn’t a job I really wanted, so I pretty much didn’t do the interview.  I talked to him a bit and that was all.  We shook hands and I left.  I think I could have made it there with doing my bus routes, so the sub was a waste, but oh well.  You know how hindsight works as well as I do.

Now it is completely beautiful out, so I’ll probably do something outside tonight.  Who knows my plans aren’t made yet.  I have to go drive my bus now though.  Hope you are having a great day.