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Have you noticed my new favicon? Yeah, that little school bus icon up by my URL in your browser top. Anyways… Ilker from over at The Thinking Blog made that for me.

I entered his blog review contest awhile back and I guess he pitied me enough to give me a favicon. I feel privileged though seeing’s how I picked on his alien fire combination. He should have probably beamed a ray of fire at me, and said “take that…”

He is doing someone else a killer redo right now, but he won’t reveal who until…..he is ready to reveal. Doesn’t that suck that we don’t get to see the old version of this page to see if the redo is as great as described. Blah…

Anyways, my new favicon rocks, so I guess I will just roll with mister Ilker and see what he is working on when he wants to tell me. Don’t get me wrong though…I think the reveal should be before the final episode.