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The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.Today was a great day. Interesting. This is a picture of a tree that I pass everyday. I just happened to have my camera today and the sky was so nice. It was a beautiful day.

I did my school runs like I normally do. There was an unusual converstion about the students on my busses prejudices against rich people. That rich people are generally not liked by the students on my bus. I however doubt that any of the students on my bus know personally of a “rich” person at least by there standards. I think there standards for rich are fairly high like basically celebrity wealth. My conclusion is we need to get some rich person to hang out with our kids, so they don’t have this type of prejudice. I think it is sort of sad that there are children thinking people can do miracles with such wealth, like save the world or for example feed every hungry kid in Africa or something like that. It is more than money needed. That is what they don’t see. There is more knowledge needed than money. is a picture of Kyra from today. This one is early this morning right when we got back from the morning route. She was pulling this box of buttons that I on my desk off. So, I took her picture with them. The pictures turned out cute, so here one is. She is looking at the camera so nice. I love it when her eyes look clear in the pictures. That seems hard to do with Kyra as your photo target.

Kyra was great today. She is so fun. Here she is the big girl helping me feed the goats. She is facinated with the goats. I like when it is perfect weather like it was today. I hope it is such a nice day tomorrow. We were out feeding the goats for a long time though. photo has our two pregnant goats in it. Charcole was hiding in the barn eating while these ones were out visiting us.

The goats coats are so thick and warm though we were petting them and I have never petted them and thought them as “soft” they are moreless just furry. Well, today they were what I call soft. It was sort of nice petting them. It is there winter fur along with being pregnant. I think the pregnant helps there hair just like it does people’s hair. Amazing….

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.After we were done in the barn we saw when Stephanie got off the bus so Kyra had to go visit Stephanie, so I got to see Lauren too. She has some funny homework. She was doing one with what is your most important value and if you could change anything about the world what would it be. Those are two hard questions. She said her most important value was respect and if she could change the world she would rid it of divorce.Here is Lauren’s smile. She gets her braces out in 3 days, so this is the before picture. I will post another one of her improved smile in a few days.

After we got done with all this excitement, we just settled in and took a nice warm shower. After the shower, I got out and let Kyra play in a little water in the bathtub. She is so comical because she like laying on her belly in the bathtub and putting her face under the water like we do at the swimming pool. She lays there holds her breath puts her face in and then comes up laughing and starts sort of rolling around in there.

We than ate a sort of strange meal of baked beans, brocolli cheese soup, and grilled chicken breast with a marshmallow dessert. LOL… It was all good though.

Not to long after eatting, Kyra went to bed. She is going to bed early now a days. She gets up early too. She doesn’t really take to many naps though. She napped maybe 20 minutes today on my kindergarten route, but not to much napping anymore. It is to much fun being awake.

Well, that was my day. Now all that is left is to go to bed. Woo Hoo…no school tomorrow. LOL….It should be a great day. Hope the weather stays nice.