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I am feeling less sick today than I did over the weekend.  This weekend was worthless to me which sucks.  I am now blowing my nose frequently still, but it is like clear liquid coming out which isn’t nearly as gross as it was before.  The liquidness of it though has got my lip sore, which who cares.  I will take a sore lip anyday…over that feeling of this weekend.  Thank goodness for the little thing.

My boobs are also doing pretty well.  It is amazingly going okay.  I have been trying to not drink water and such.  I am done with that now though and am going to return to my standard fluid levels tomorrow.  We will see how it goes.  I don’t honestly know how much fluid intake had an effect on that stuff…the midwife people said it was good, but does it really affect enough to make me wish I was thirsty again tomorrow.

She has daddy's glasses on.Kyra has no desire to actually nurse.  She however does walk around saying “B” “B”…and seems to enjoy just touching them, which if I allow it sometimes is quite painful.  This said I don’t allow it often.  I usually say “No B’s” and she does a “Uuhh” noise which is sort of cute, so okay.  We try to give her a sippy cup everytime she says “B” also to distract her and maybe get her to thinking something else.  She is eating well though and doing great.

She just drank her medicine down tonight too, so that was a miracle…we had to fight her last night.

Here she is in her dad’s glasses.  I don’t think they are great on her eyes, but chances are she will be near sided just like us…we both have almost identical terrible vision.  I think mine is slightly worse than Adam’s in one eye and better than his in the other…his eyes have the exact same prescription from each other.  I can put on his glasses and see almost fine.

Kissing Dad...Yeah, Kyra likes this hat too.  I have no idea why either….it certainly isn’t because it is attractive.

Here she is kissing her dad.  

My bus routes went like normal today mostly.  I did have someone run my red lights though, so got the license plate number and reported them. 

I have started having the police come get the report, versus me faxing it in.  It is just so much easier and I suck at drawing sketches of what happened, not that someone driving through a stop sign is hard to imagine.  The paper thing is very tedious and just giving the cops the info is much easier.  After they give tickets and such…I have to go to court, so the easier on me this goes.  The better…and people shouldn’t get away with running past school busses.  They deserve all of that fine and lose of license.  It isn’t like you CAN’T see this huge thing coming at you with 10-way flashing lights and if you didn’t see it.  You especially deserve the consequences. 

I am going to bed.  Night….