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Well, today Kyra woke up with a fever of 103. She was sick for about half the day pretty good.  I was hugging her a whole lot.  She took a long nap though and now, she doesn’t have a fever and seems good.  Now, I have a fever and am a bit light headed, so hopefully I don’t puke like she did.

We made cookies today to get our minds off being sick. Here is the picture.  She likes dumping the measured contents and eggs into the mixer.  She also likes licking the beaters.  She is a lot like me.  LOL… we shared the beaters. 

I don’t know how we got so much batter though, we had enough for two pans and we only followed the directions on the bag of chips.  We must have done something wrong, but they did turn out good, so who knows.

Our goats look like they are going to blow up, poor girls.  There babies have to be coming soon.   Our pig looks super skinny, she has lost more weight this winter than any winter I remember.  I throwed them some extra hay because it is so cold out.  Our barn isn’t the warmest place with the cinder block construction.  I wish they would let alone like a little house or something in there stall, but they won’t.  There water wasn’t has frozen solid today though as it has been this last week.

Well, I am going to bed.  My head is beating and my temperature is rising.  I hope I am okay in the morning.  Night….