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Today was a great day. Temperature wise and everything. Kyra and I were outside a good bit. I took quite a few pictures, most of which didn’t turn out. Steven took this one of me and Kyra. I added the frame stuff, I think it looks pretty good even though I look a mess…oh well.

We had our first corn from our garden yesterday. It was delicious. There are a lot of bugs in our corn though, so finding good ears was hard. At least that is what Adam said….I didn’t actually pick corn myself. I know our yard has an unusual amount of bugs in it though.

We visited Robin this morning. She was cooking spagetti sauce…she makes it with tomatoes from the garden. I don’t think I have ever seen it made with all raw ingredients like that. It was really good. I wasn’t hungry though and didn’t eat much.

Kyra and I went to the mall this evening. We looked at all the sales, but I think my size sells out of sales first. We have to be quick, but we aren’t.

Kyra stayed up til almost 11 pm before going to bed this evening.

Diamond is better. We got the flea stuff and they seem to be gone already. She coughed up a huge hairball and now seems to be eating. It must have just hurt her so bad. Poor Kitty…. I try to brush her. I guess I need to keep up on giving her the hair ball medicine stuff too. She likes that stuff, so it shouldn’t be too hard, to just remember.

Well, that is today. I am going to bed right this minute. Night…