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So, I start with the bad news and give it it’s own post without photos.  During the night, I think Asheley stepped on Sonic.  He didn’t make it he was dead this morning when we went out.

Also in bad news, something is going wrong with Asheley.  She is just generally weak.  She hasn’t recovered from the birth and is still bleeding some.  She was this way yesterday too, but I just sort of wrote it off as a rough labor.  Today though I got the goat expert from down the road to come visit her and he thinks something tore on the inside during the labor, so now the vet is on his way here. 

Snowy and Finley are still alive and doing.  They could be better though.  Asheley hasn’t let them nurse the way she should, so they are very much weaker than the twins of Misty.

Well, that is the bad news….I will now make a good news post.