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20070713_08009p I love fireworks.  I have said that before, but I particularly love our local fireworks show.  I live in a cheap town yes and I love that fact too.  They buy the show of the leftovers, but it is the best show ever basically every single year.

That show was tonight.  I also like this show because it starts later, so it is very dark.  The other show that is on the 4th, it is pretty much dusk and there is still some light to the sky.

I took pictures tonight, but I am burnt out looking at them.  There are some better than this one though.  I’ll post some tomorrow.

Stan didn’t want to go to the show, but about an hour before it.  The hospital called and said that they had a cancellation for the sleep test tonight.  I took Stan right away over to that, so he is getting his sleep machine probably tomorrow.  He does have sleep apnea, the first base line test said that he stopped breathing 252 times in the night and 51 of those times were longer than 10 seconds.  Aaaahhhh! I wonder how long of his life he has been doing this?  I think this will make a real difference.

Now, I have sleep issues too, but not sleep apnea.  I have issues falling to sleep.  I try and try and a lot of nights just don’t do it until the light is coming in almost.  I should really consider going and getting a night shift job somewhere.  I am great at staying up.

Well, since I am talking about my day in reverse order today.  I sort of threw the middle of my day away.  I hate when I do that.  I get tired from not sleeping, but lately.  I have been getting this aching hunger even though I have eaten. 

I am eating the best of my whole life really.  I am sort of following Stan’s diabetic diet which I never have eaten so healthy before.  I am getting all my vegetables which is something I never used to do.  I think I am coming off of carb addition.  Do you do that??  LOL…

I really need to loose weight on top of this.  I am at my highest weight in a long time.  182….aaahhhh.  Yeah, I really typed it.  I should weigh like 150.  I am 5 foot 8 inches, so am never going to be one of those 100 pounds soaking wet.  I have a large frame as well, so nice and sturdy bones holding me together.  I need to loose now though, while I still am at a manageable weight.

20070713_00210a I played with hats before eating.  Yeah, it is July and very hot outside.  We still like our winter caps though.

I did my Circuit City job before that.  I was actually typing that into my computer while playing with the hats.  That job took pretty long today, so that is basically what I did first when I woke up.

There you have it my day in reverse order.  I am going to go to bed now.  I have to go get Stan at like 5:30.  Aaaahhhhh!